KDK-VN (KDK-Vietnam) shall perform such as producing, developing and supplying environmentally friendly products


12 / 2016

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8 / 2012

We got Europe Certification ( EIC ) and Australian Certification ( AS ) on July 2012. From July 2012, we started to produce new products belong to Europe Certification that was able to share with VDE Certification, BSI Certification from England, AS Certification from Australia, ST COA Certification from Malaysia, Europe Certification belong to 8 main countries. VCTF cable that had many cores such as 7 cores, was begun production. We would start to produce electric cable with braided shield outside on August 2012. The pair twisted cable with 40 cores would be produced on October 2012.

4 / 2011

Thin low-voltage cable car (AVSS, AVS) is now capable of producing

Automotive standard (JASO D 611-94) that conforms to AVSS (thin low-voltage cable car) was added to the product catalog.

11 / 2010

Obtained the certificate of Vietnamese standard power cord

Planning obtain the certificate Vietnam standard on product of KP-430 Core 3 Type in Nov. 2010

Cat name

KP-430 B type cord(05VVH-3) 1.00m㎡ 16A 250V KP-430 B type cord(05VVH-3) 1.50m㎡ 16 A 250V

7 / 2010

Obtained the certificate of Vietnamese standard power cord

KDK-VN has obtained certificate of Vietnamese standard about power supply cord which is the first in the world, passed on the product audit and the factory audit by the QUARCERT Vietnamese standard association.

Cat. name KP-420 B type cord(H03VVH-2F TYPE O.75m㎡) 6A 250V KP-420 B type cord(H05VVH-2F TYPE O.75m㎡) 6A 250V